Thursday, July 22, 2010

Auburn Chi Omega Reunion!

The crew, minus a few!

All the Kids

Auburn Chi O Days

Last week, my roommates and a few of my pledge sisters from Auburn all met in Huntsville at Amy's house for a day of catching up! I loved seeing everyone and their beautiful kids. These were the friends that knew me when I was just a fresh faced college kid, with her eyes open wide, a girl who scheduled her classes around "Days of our Lives" and thought she had life ALL figured out:)! Our biggest worries were "who bought the last pack of toilet paper" and "who we were going to ask to the next date party" All we had was a twin bed on cinder blocks, and bunch of text books, that we didn't read! Oh, how quickly we realized times have changed! Not much conversation went on without someone yelling "Mommy!" or crying because they got hurt! But, that's where we all are in our lives, and we wouldn't have it any other way! We did manage to have some "adult conversation" along the way, and I will say, it is an honor to be a part of each of these women's lives. We shared old memories and crazy stories, plenty of "WHAT were we wearing?" and "whatever happened to?" and where we shop for kids clothes. But the thing I cherished most was seeing my sisters in Christ, share where the Lord has brought them over the past few years, and that to me was the best! From the loss of a child, job struggles, to recent international adoption and one in the process of adopting. There is no doubt these women love the Lord with all their heart, and struggle, just like me, to know Him better! So, I consider myself blessed to have the college experience that I did, and so thankful to have these girls to lean on in my life! We hope to all tailgate at an Auburn game this fall! Waar Eagle!

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